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Create Leicester

Create is a series of FREE quarterly events for digital creators, producers, managers and administrators, aiming to inspire Leicester’s digital design community

Is your website reaching as many users as possible?

Imagine that you learnt there was a new web browser and 14% of users were using it. Downloading it, you give it a try and find that your own website is really difficult to use in this browser...

Welcome to our new website!

Every website needs a little refresh from time to time, but we've gone one step further and built this new site from scratch.

Indoor Device Location

We've built a prototype system to track devices indoors, which could be used to track things like how people move around environments, such as stores, stadiums and exhibitions.

Xibis acquired by SCISYS PLC

We’re delighted to have SCISYS as our new parent company. These are exciting times and we look forward to the future as part of a larger organisation.

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