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Take advantage of alternative payment options

Every ecommerce site tries to find ways to increase their conversion rates, and one simple way of doing so is by offering alternative and convenient payment options.

I’m sure most of you have used ecommerce sites with a ‘Checkout with PayPal’ option. This option allows you to use your payment card details stored by PayPal rather than having to enter them again in each website you visit. Not only is this more convenient but it’s safer too; an untrustworthy or badly implemented website could result in your payment details being misused. I’ve personally been a victim of this, and as result I will always prefer to use a website which offers the option of PayPal, even if the product ends up costing more.

PayPal is often far more convenient than traditional payment options, as the checkout process is simplified to authentication with PayPal rather than having to enter card details and a billing address. While the initial signup process can be time consuming you can take advantage of the 20 million existing PayPal accounts in the UK alone. PayPal is also optimised for mobile, so implementing PayPal improves the user experience if your site is not already mobile optimised.

Implementing PayPal, or one of the alternatives like Google Wallet, normally takes a couple of development days, but can increase conversion rates by 14% so can pay for itself in short order. However, remember that you should always offer traditional online payment forms alongside PayPal as some customers prefer to use conventional payment options, so the lack of choice will therefore decrease conversion rates.

As an alternative, if you already integrate with SagePay you can easily enable payment by PayPal via an account setting, however if you do this it’s recommended to add an obvious PayPal logo on your site so it’s not buried deep within the payment process.

If you would like to discuss implementing PayPal on your website, please get in touch:

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