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What is Software Testing?

What is Software Testing?

Software testing comprises investigation activities conducted to provide information about an application; activities with the intent of finding bugs or defects, which can raise awareness of how the application can underperform or fail.

Why is testing software very important?

Most of us have had at least one experience with software that did not work as expected. This can be frustrating!

Software that does not work as intended can have a large impact on both users and organisations, leading to many problems, such as loss of money and time, damage to reputation---even injury or death.

Software Testing at Xibis

Unlike many other software development companies, Xibis takes its testing very seriously. We give a lot of importance to quality of the software we are building; it means a lot to us to have satisfied clients who not only continue to use Xibis-built systems for many years, but also continue to invest in their upgrades.

As time passes, clients’ needs evolve and we love helping them to take advantage of technological innovations to further make their lives better…and to do that, you have to have quality built in from the beginning!

In-House Testing

At Xibis, all testing is carried out by a specialist team, affording added advantages compared to other companies, including:

  • More collaboration between developers and testers: Developers and testers at Xibis work together as one team.
  • Complete control over the process: Testing surpasses minimum standards and fits relevant context, without compromising on any important areas.
  • Our QA/Test team gets involved early in the development phase-- understanding the system and its context better, for more relevant and thorough testing.
  • No time zone difference, meaning no time is wasted in communication lags (as compared to offshore outsourcing), which can be a main factor putting a project’s progress in jeopardy.

Extensive Testing Option

Xibis offers “Extensive Testing” which comprises a full suite of QA-specialised testing and value added services targeted at those clients who want the best we can possibly provide.

There are many different testing options, including Performance/Load, Advanced Usability, Accessibility, Security, Internationalisation/Localisation, Compatibility, etc.. Your Systems Analyst can propose different packages tailored for your needs.

We don’t want to let our clients down--we want clients to feel good about the investment made in Xibis-built software; receive systems that they’re excited to use; feel that Xibis did a great job and delivered exactly what was wanted; and, feel they’re managing their business much better than ever before. We want to help deliver software that improves people’s lives!

If any of the information provided in the above article has inspired you or you would like more of an insight into the in-house testing services or the different packages we offer for extensive testing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

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