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Online Training Portal for IOSH

No longer having to send out PowerPoint slides on DVDs, IOSH can build, manage and deliver training online using this bespoke Xibis solution

IOSH Course Management Training Portal

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the industry leader in providing health & safety training courses; their courses receiving over 160,000 delegates a year in 70 countries. IOSH runs a train-the-trainers approach, training and licencing a network of health & safety professionals.

The quality of course content is exceptional, but IOSH wanted to improve the way that the course was distributed to trainers. The course, consisting of PowerPoint documents with embedded Flash files, was burnt to DVD and posted to thousands of trainers.

This approach was causing a number of problems: the high cost of distribution, the huge risk of printing the DVDs, the lack of control once the DVD leaves the door (IOSH once found one on eBay) and numerous compatibility problems due to different operating systems, versions of PowerPoint and versions of Flash.

160,000 Delegates per Year
56% Courses Run Offline
>5,000 Active Trainers

Xibis worked with the team at IOSH to help them understand what they wanted to achieve and to create a technical specification from which the system could be built. The new system involved:

  • An online alternative to PowerPoint, allowing IOSH to build and distribute their courses.

  • A tool for trainers to tailor IOSH’s courses to their clients’ individual requirements within the parameters allowed by IOSH, including the ability to add interactive content and video.

  • The ability to allow IOSH to update the course without affecting the changes made by their trainers.

  • Controlled, encrypted course content allowing access only to authorised trainers, with rights automatically synchronised with IOSH’s CRM and further access controlled directly by the training providers.

  • Logging and reporting on which trainers have been running the course, where and when.

  • A tool that can be ran completely with any modern web browser.

  • Chrome extension that allows the courses to be saved locally and ran offline.

Some of the controls available to users when building presentations using the system:

animation settings, add audio, flash, image, rich text, section title, video

The IOSH system in use

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