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Spirit Healthcare CliniTouch Vie Health Monitoring

CliniTouch Vie helps UK patients with long-term health problems to self-monitor their conditions and wellbeing.

Spirit Healthcare - CliniTouch Vie

Spirit Healthcare LtdFormed in 2009, Spirit Healthcare is a leading UK healthcare systems provider, committed to making the nation happier and healthier by working with individuals and their healthcare professionals to help them detect, monitor, manage and treat their medical conditions better. 

The company works in partnership with the NHS to provide services and medication for patients with long-term conditions and is focused on the core areas of Diabetes, Heart Failure and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Just the Spirit for healthcare provision

CliniTouch Vie - Blood Pressure Monitor - Bluetooth

CliniTouch Vie, developed by Xibis for Spirit Healthcare, helps UK patients with long-term health problems to self-monitor their conditions and wellbeing.

Managing long-term conditions is a significant burden for individuals involved and a significant expense to health services. The NHS spends over £72 billion every year on taking care of people with long-term conditions.

Patients who suffer from long-term conditions such as heart failure, respiratory disease and others need regular monitoring to capture data that will enable clinicians to provide a better level of care.

So, imagine the benefits of a specialist programme that could remotely monitor patients, send their details via an NHS secure intranet, and relay clinical information back to clinicians. 

Such a system would have to be intelligent, smart and connected in real-time, able to foresee problems ahead of time so that hospitals would know that the patient is getting into trouble before they do.

This type of new technology is included NHS’s ‘Five Year Forward View’ strategy and is now becoming a reality. 

Launching new CliniTouch Vie solution

Working with Xibis, Spirit Healthcare developed and launched its CliniTouch Vie web-based application, with a mobile app running on a tablet device that is used directly by patients. 

CliniTouch Vie helps patients to self-monitor their conditions and general wellbeing. The system shares data with healthcare professionals for remote clinical monitoring of changes or deterioration in the patient’s medical condition. 

The application leads the patients through personalised daily goals and acquires peripheral readings from connected devices via Bluetooth, or where Bluetooth is not supported on the medical device, then by the patient entering readings into an on-screen prompt. The patient’s responses and readings are immediately uploaded to a Clinician Portal web application. Clinicians using the portal are alerted if any of the responses are outside of patient-specific ranges and can monitor the patient’s responses over time to help ascertain trends in the patient’s conditions.

CliniTouch Vie - Cloud Storage

The data is collected using the NHS intranet and stored securely on the cloud.

CliniTouch Vie - Patient Health Review

Intelligent software reviews the patient’s health state by asking questions specific to the patient and reading the patients vital signs.

CliniTouch Vie - Manage Condition

If required the software prompts the patient to take action immediately to manage their condition without waiting for any other intervention.

CliniTouch Vie - Tablet and bluetooth devices

Using modern tablet computers and wireless peripherals, such as pulse oximeters and blood pressure cuffs, patients are able to check their own vital signs.

Healthcare specialists also review the patient’s details remotely. They can contact the patient using the tablet and check on their health using video conference or messaging. Thus the patient and the healthcare professional can take rapid action and avoid serious medical emergencies.

CliniTouch Vie - Healthcare Specialists


Major benefits for patients and clinicians

CliniTouch Vie is a portal solution that allows multiple care providers to utilise the same installation, but where all the users, patients, and patient data are completely segregated.

The system has exciting benefits for the patient as they are more likely to be able to remain in their own homes and can share their care plan details and history with the family.

67% Telehealth monitoring reduces unplanned hospital admissions by two-thirds
148 Reduced COPD admissions by NHS Leicester City CCG in 12 month period
£243,000 Gross saving by NHS Leicester City CCG in 12 month period

"We identified this opportunity to develop a telehealth monitoring system that would facilitate the unique requirements of patients with long-term conditions and their healthcare providers. We're a healthcare business and didn’t have the technical abilities in-house so after formulating a brief, we held an open tender and were impressed by the extensive experience, expertise and outstanding third-party endorsements of Xibis, an innovative web and mobile application development company."

Chris Barker | Chief Executive | Spirit Healthcare

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